About ARC

ARC EV Tires is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gumonder Industrial Corporation, Ltd. Located in the beautiful mountainous region of Nantou, Taiwan, ARC EV Tires’ is the progression of over 35 years’ continuous development of compounds, treads, and tire specifications to meet the highest level of global demand. Unlike many other tire factories who concentrate merely on commodity tires, ARC EV tires represent the commitment to high quality products, utilizing the latest in compound and tread technology to build a tire specific to the demands of two-wheel electric vehicles.





EV Tire Technology

Two-wheel electric vehicles put demands upon tires that normal gas powered vehicles don’t. Because of their increased overall weight, electric bicycles cause normal tires to wear out quickly, and are more unstable under the increased weight load. The positioning of batteries and unique motor configurations of EV scooters and motorcycles also demands on normal bias tires.

ARC’s Ingenuit-e compound extends EV battery life by positioning a longer-life, lower rolling resistance compound exactly where it needs to be placed on the tire tread to maximize performance. ARC’s dual-density compound allows for longer EV battery life, and longer tread life.








ARC uses Graphene in its development of the Ingenuit-e compound. The advantages of Graphene is perfectly suited as an additive to the EV-specific compound in the following ways:
• Graphene enhances thermal distribution throughout the tire, dissipating localized hotspots when braking.
• Graphene reduces rolling resistance, thereby decreasing battery consumption.
• Graphene tires offer higher wet grip performance, improving safety.
• The strength of Graphene reinforces rubber, improving overall tire wear.
• Graphene has good air barrier properties, reducing potential air leakage, lowering consumer maintenance.










January 18, 2017. ARC EV Tires will be exhibiting at the Taipei International Cycle show on March 22-25, 2017 You are invited to come by our booth L0004 to see the new lineup of ARC EV Bicycle Tires. With electric bikes now the fastest growing segment on all of cycling, now is the time to experience the difference ARC EV tires make! Learn more about the Taipei International Cycle show at http://www.taipeicycle.com.tw

January 18, 2017 ARC EV Tires will be exhibiting at the Taiwan International Electric Vehicle Show on April 20-23, 2017. You are invited to visit our booth A0409 to see our entire lineup of ARC EV Bicycle, Motorcycle, and Scooter tires. The Taiwan EV show is one of the fastest growing trade shows of its kind, so don't miss out! Learn more about the Taiwan International Electric Vehicle Show at www.evtaiwan.com.tw






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